Voiceover Services

Bob Long has voiced hundreds of commercials airing on local and national radio shows around North America. He is available to do voice over work for your company for Radio or Television projects at reasonable rates.

He has voiced commercials heard on the Sports Final Radio Network, American Forum Radio Network, Talk America Radio Networks, Talk Radio Network, Radio America, Business Talk Radio Network, GCN Radio Network, National Radio Network, American Talk Radio Network, Lifestyle Radio Network and the Automotive Radio Network.

In the Boston market he was the primary voice of 50KW AM 1510 WSSH AM during the mid 90's and voiced major campaigns airing on WBZ, WRKO AND WEEI.

Long can also provide phone message services for your company or business for example...


MP3 DEMO [download]

Sharon Long is also available for voice services for Radio or TV Campaigns or phone message services for companies at any time. Sharon Long received voice over instruction by voice over legend Don Morrow. Recently she was called "one of the top new voices in the Voice Over Industry" by a talent agent based in NYC.

Sharon has voiced commercials airing on Talk Radio Network, National Radio Network, GCN Radio network and The Automotive Radio Network.

MP3 DEMO - Commercial [download]

MP3 DEMO - Narration [download]

Bob Long - bob@boblongradio.com - 508-231-4677

Spokesperson Services

Make Bob Long the spokesperson for your company or product.

From 2000-2002 Long was the national spokesperson for the Sears Diehard Security Battery. He was the spokesperson for National Radio, Print, and TV campaigns promoting the product. Appearances on the Sears tours included dozens of major market TV appearances as an automotive expert showcasing new products including KABC LA, and Fox TV.

In 2010 Long was the national spokesperson for Gumout on its national print, radio and TV tour.

During his tenure as of Motor Trend Radio Long has done personal testimonials for Sony Mobile Electronic, On Star, Mobil One Oil and the 2010 Ram HD pickup just to name a few.

Bob Long - bob@boblongradio.com - 508-231-4677