What About Bob?

Bob Long

Radio and automobiles have been lifelong passions for Bob Long. Born in Boston, Bob Long is a veteran of 30-plus years in the profession of radio broadcasting. Today he is considered by most to be the #1 Automotive Radio Personality in America.

Bob started his radio career at age 17 and has worked at many different radio stations from 1000 to 50,000 watts. His love of sports got him interested in a broadcasting career at an elementary school age, but during his college years Bob expanded his interests into news, auto journalism and music radio. Long was major market music host on many stations specializing in 70's and 80's music during the late 70's and 1980's. He was a host in formats included A/C, oldies and, CHR.

In the late 1980's Bob got an opportunity to work in national sports talk radio on the Sports Final and American Forum/Business Radio Networks. Long was a trivia host on the largest sports radio network of its time. Broadcast nightly on over 135 stations.

In 1992 Long, along with four other broadcasters, formed the Talk America Radio Networks. From its humble beginnings to its expansion to over 500 markets, two talk networks, Spanish music network, and news service, Long served as VP Programming and Affiliate Relations, as well as a producer and host for sports, issues of the day/open lines overnights, and AutoWorld Radio until the company was sold in 2002. Long supervised over 80 hosts all over the country and 2 24 hour channels as

1992 also saw the launch on AutoWorld ‘America's Automotive Enthusiast show. From a one hour format the show expanded to 3 hours in 2001.  Over the years it has been broadcast on Talk America's Radio Networks, The National Radio Network. Currently the GCN Radio Network as well the www.automotiveradionetwork.com air the show live Sun 5-8PM ET 2-5 PM PT. Currently Clear Green Radio estimates the weekly Audience at 900,000 listeners.

In 1995 Long created a radio trade publication "The Guide to Talk Radio Programming" and served as its editor in chief and publisher through 1999.

From 1996-1998 Long was co-host of the national sports program "Grandestand", with veteran broadcasters Carl and George Grande (radio voice of the Cincinnati Reds).

From 2000-2002 Long was the Co Host and producer of the radio version of the Speed Channel Television series Car Crazy. The program was distributed through both Talk America Radio Networks and The National Radio Network. Also from 2000-2002 Long was national spokesperson for the Sears Diehard Security Battery. Long served as news anchor and sub host for Motor Trend Radio from 2000-2002.

In late 2002 Bob was named host and executive producer of Motor Trend Radio Magazine and Motor Trend Weekend, a position held up until late Oct 2010. During Long's tenure the show doubled its affiliate count and became heard in NYC, Chicago and Atlanta just to name a few new major markets.

Long sculptured Motor Trend Radio's format to bring the pages of the world's most respected auto authority to life. The program was syndicated through the Talk Radio Network on over 145 radio stations. During Long's tenure the show gained huge growth when it was added to the Stars 2 lineup Sirius 108 /XM 139 as a live feed Sat and Sun 11-1PM ET. Long was also a contributing writing for Motor Trend magazine, and had a blog on www.motortrend.com called "Radio Active", he also did TV and live video streaming for Motor Trend.

Long was the host of Hagerty's Inside Classic Cars the nation's first syndicated show devoted to Classic Cars From it is start in April 2010 it received rave reviews receiving an affiliate count of 60 stations in only 18 months . The show was broadcast on both on the American Talk Radio Network as well as the Radio America Network.

Motor News Weekly launched in Jan 2011 and syndicated by America's largest spoken word radio network Talk Radio Network. Long serves as host and executive producer of the show heard on over 110 stations including top markets such #1 market New York City, Chicago, Atlanta and Detroit and many more. Motor News Weekly is also heard on live every Sat and Sun 11-1PMET 8-10AM PT on www.automotiveradionetwork.com

Motor News Weekly is heard by 1.7 million listeners each week according to an audience survey done by Clear Green Radio.

Over the years Long has received 35 International Automotive Media Awards for broadcast excellence. The IAMA highest honor "Best of Radio" was received by Long in: 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Long also is the host of The Daily Syndicated Automotive feature called "The Long Drive" distributed through 4 national networks reaching 640 stations and a weekly audience of 8 million listeners.

In 2010 Long became national spokesperson for Gumout on its national radio, print and TV tours.

Returning to his broadcast roots in 2010 created the American Talk Radio Network with a partner company in FL. 2011 brought the launch of an exciting new radio network created by Long; The Automotive Radio Network is the world's first network of its kind 24/7 heard at www.automotiveradionetwork.com Long intends to launch a number music programming offerings within the next few years.

In 2011 combining a music show with touches of talk radio Long created the syndicated music show “Cars and Guitars Radio” which has huge future plans for expansion.

"Radio on the Road," a book by William Hutchings, listed Long's AutoWorld show and in particular, Host, Bob Long as a must hear. This book lists more than 15,000 stations in the U.S. and Canada with their call letters, frequency, and broadcast format. "If you're traveling on a Sunday," Hutchings writes, "or at home where you can hear one of his broadcasts, tune Bob in-he's a listening pleasure and a real pro."

Long's lifelong passion includes for cars from every era going back to his childhood, when he started reading and collecting auto magazines and memorabilia. Vehicle wise Long has been the owner of several Mustangs and Corvettes. Long's automotive passion runs deep for many other makes including Jaguar, Aston Martin, Lotus, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and all Italian vehicles. Other key areas of automotive expertise include Muscle Cars, and “Super” Cars.